Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Custom Made

I'm finding out that to be health conscious, I have to start custom ordering my food at restaurants. This is a little hard for me since I don't like to be a pain or make things more difficult, but the last time I went to Jimmy John's while doing jury duty I found out my sub was 15 Weight Watchers points and had more than 40 grams of fat. Yikes! So, knowing that I will probably go there again, most likely on one of our runs down to Miami, I will now order my veggie sub on whole wheat, hold the mayo. I'm not a big fan of mayo anyway, so why waste my food bank, as Bethenny Frankel calls it. 

In a new study on sugar, mostly coming from beverages, apparently a 24 oz. Jamba Juice smoothie has more than 70 grams of sugar in it. Instead, if you order a smoothie, ask for whole fruit, no added juices, and greek yogurt if possible. Speaking of yogurt, another culprit is flavored yogurt. Not only is it high in sugar, their added preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. Instead, go to yet again greek yogurt. 

The American Heart Association recommends men limit added sugar to 36 g, or 9 tsp., per day and that women limit added sugar to 24 g, or 6 tsp., per day.

So the moral is to ask for what you'd make at home, if possible. If we do more of this, we speak volumes that we want our food healthier. Unhealthy does not = tasty. 

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