Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Great Sites to Kill Time: Gossip Edition

Because we all need a brain break a few times in the day, what better way then to read about silly people doing silly things. I love to read about fashion and be a voyeur into others' lives, so gossip sites definitely fulfill those desires. Most of us know Perez Hilton, and he's definitely a staple in the gossip world, but here are some sites you might not know about...

Here are some great sites that I read everyday:

One great site that I love to read that has great writing is Lainey Gossip. She reports about all the people we know and love and does it reverently and with humor. She also sifts through the crap that is forced upon us by Hollywood. She writes longer posts, but they are usually very insightful.
Crazy Days and Nights is another gossip site that has much shorter posts than Lainey, but he writes many blind items that are fun to guess, but most importantly, he reveals them later on in the year. He also writes about politics and current events, and with celebrities seems to have a lot of good scoops.

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