Thursday, August 30, 2012

End of the Summer Drink: The Labor Day Lime

My drink dubbed "Las Vegas Lime" as my mocktail on a girls' trip

Labor Day weekend is coming up, unofficially signifying the end of summer. Of course we all want to hold onto that summertime feeling with cookouts and cold, refreshing drinks. 

What better way to celebrate than a clean, citrus drink I dubbed The Labor Day Lime

I drink them all the time, sans alcohol of course during these pregnancy months, but with the right mixture it tastes just as good!

  • A jigger or two of your favorite brand of Vodka or Gin
  • Lots o' ice
  • 3/4 full Club soda
  • Splash of Key Lime Juice
  • Squish one whole lime & throw in
  • Garnish with lime
Yes it is very simple, but sometimes the simple things in life are the ones that need reminding! Loading up your drinks with sugary mixtures and rimmed salt does not give you that light, summery feel, so go ahead and drink it clean!

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