Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inspiraton: London

Inspiraton: London

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London is such a magical place with its history, architecture and traditions. We were there in the summer of 2005 when London won the bid for this Olympics. Actually it was right outside the school where my husband was studying for the summer right in Trafalgar Square.

What I loved most about London:
  1. The uneven streets and unconventional shapes of the buildings
  2. That you could drink beer outside on the streets
  3. The fact that there were so many pubs...everywhere!
  4. The traditions of high tea and formality
  5. The extravagance of Harrods
  6. The row houses
  7. Easy and clean transporation...London's tube is so much nicer than New York's subway system
  8. Minding the Gap
  9. Speaking of gap, the fact that many students after high school take a gap year before going to college; we should have that here
  10. Indian food
  11. Their chips...really their fries
  12. The non-stop action
  13. Their parks

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