Saturday, July 30, 2011

Child's Play

The summer time is about relaxing, breaking away from the daily ground and spending time with family. So many are traveling to exotic, out of the country for their summer vacations. I got to go to to Wisconsin with my family for a month. It's beautiful there in the summer, but it was back in May and still cold. Like snowflakes falling cold. Now it's a heat wave there, which is fine because I didn't mind the cold coming from Florida. 

My family did it a little differently this summer. My daughter started half days at a day school. It brought structure to our lives that allowed me to start working out and lose almost 20 lbs. Who knew sending my daughter to school for a couple of hours would have such a positive impact on our family. Not only does she get to see plays at school, do arts and crafts, and get her morning energy out, but we have a lot more fun when she comes home than when she was home all day with me. We go down to our pool, go shopping, do arts and crafts, and have dance parties. 

She has definitely taught me how to be more child like and relax. 

Happy Summer!


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