Monday, July 18, 2011


Today I ran 5 miles. I try to run at least a 5k everyday. My goal is to run 2 more 5k races this year while training for a 10k in 2012. While running I've picked up a few tips on what works and doesn't work. 

What works:

  • a cotton towel to wipe off the sweat
  • a headband " "
  • music or TV in a gym is a big helper to quell the negative thoughts
  • lightweight running shoes
  • long sleeve light shirt so there is no chafing under the arms
  • good socks
  • lightweight shorts--boy shorts or wind pants
  • water bottle--know how many ounces to keep track
What doesn't work:
  • Anything cotton except for the towel
  • crappy headphones--I have yet to find a good pair
  • tennis socks are not the best but I still wear them with shorts to save from looking like an old man

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