Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WRITERS: Miranda July

“In your 30s, it’s obvious that 
a finite 
amount of things will happen.”
This quote was said by one of my favorite short story writers--Miranda July. She is such a poetic and quiet writer, and her movies are beautiful. "Me and You and Everyone We know" was such a funny, witty, insightful and gorgeous piece of work.

Well, apparently she's been written about a few times in the past week in The New Yorker. See this article here about her or here. If you haven't seen any of her work or heard of her ever, check out the aforementioned movie or her short story collection "No One Belongs Here More than You".  Or you can read some of her pieces she had in The New Yorker linked in the article. 

I wish I could writer like her. In the article it says she was never "taught" how to write, if you can actually be taught it. In graduate school I learned a great deal, but some of the workshops killed my stories to death and made me dislike the constructive criticism part because I wasn't getting anything out of it at times. In the article it says she doesn't use quotation marks because she doesn't know how to attribute dialogue. Those "tricks" are easily learned but maybe in learning all these technical rules stymies the creativity and quells the voice a bit. 

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