Friday, August 12, 2011

Florida living

Sure it's summer time, but this is what Florida is about all year round. Sunscreen, swimsuits and water is what we pretty much live for here. We save so much money because, although many say they love the four seasons but that means they also have to have clothes for all four seasons. We only need flip flops and tank tops. Plus, now that I'm running I can run outside all year round, although it is pretty dang hot out right now. Our farmers' markets run November-May and our state fair is in February. We live on an island in downtown Tampa, so it's pretty cool having a city life but we are removed from it a bit. I never thought I'd live on an island, so now my next goal is to own one. You hear of those people who bought small, unheard of islands that go for dirt cheap. I want to be one of them. 

view while on a run

a great sunscreen for kids

at the pool

view from our house

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