Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Material Girl

not the actual shirt but you get the picture
I was always a huge Madonna fan. I went to her Who's That Girl tour when I was twelve and still have the shirt.You could say I was a Material Girl. I had the gloves and all that.  Madonna turned 53 yesterday, and while I'd like to say she's aging well, it's a little disappointing being a life-long fan to not see her aging gracefully. But her daughter Lola is an up-and-comer, and her line Material Girl is at Macy's here.

Lola has a blog here that is fun to look at.

Her entries go something like this....

WHAT is newwww????
Something I’m newley (not a word) feelin’ , is hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube. Yeah I’m just the coolest kid. No but for shiz- it’s soooo good, I learned how to do a fishtail braid!!! :D haha, and there are these girls that have like violet and green hair and they do all this cool-ass makeup.
I tried to find some outfits I like, but it was a little hard because I'm past the age demographic for the line.  There were a few universal pieces though.


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