Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fashion Lust

forever 21
After 3 days of not working out I'm going stir crazy. With a dermatology appointment, dentist appointment to get a filling and put in a permanent crown (ouch is all I have to say!) and now tomorrow taking our car in for the timing belt (have I bored you yet?), I am getting a little anxious about falling off the fitness train. I know I won't because I have my workouts built into my schedule, but I like staying on a routine and being consistent. Eating the same thing every day does not bore me. In college I lost a lot of weight by finding out the foods I liked the best in the cafeteria and then eating them every day. I ate rice krispies cereal in the morning, fat free frozen yogurt and bread sticks in the afternoon (not the healthiest) and then a veggie sub from Subway for dinner. I lost a lot of weight doing that--I can't say how much since I was poor then and couldn't afford a scale. 

elie tahari
So my motivation to make sure I stay on track is to think of an outfit I'm excited to wear. I'm thinking about a  silver sequin dress. I like the darker silver and the Elie Tahari, one of my favorite designers, has a belted one. The Forever 21 is nice and probably much cheaper, but by the time I reach my goals I'm going to want to splurge a bit. I am excited to purchase it in the fall (still really warm for Florida) and wear it this winter. I'm not sure what yet, but my husband has a company party, and that seems like a good event. I can't wait to go shopping!

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